Taxi Dispatch Order Entry

The system provides a fully automated trip reservation intake system that uses comprehensive data management programs that are keyed to the customer’s telephone  number, account number, landmark name, or address. All customers will be added  to the Patron Master File by telephone number as they call, to make retrieval  of redundant pickup information and instructions instantaneous upon entering the telephone number. Addresses may also be retrieved by client account number,  client ID number, the first few letters of the landmark name. The PC-Dispatch 

Geo Data file includes verification of client addresses, and each address shows nearest cross street. Instantaneous fare information or estimates are provided  by rate class, and rate classes may be meter based, zoned based, flat-rate based,  etc… Charge account trips are accepted with online account verification with the Voucher Redemption and Billing program. The system provides for immediate trip dispatch, hold for return, time-call and standing order trip methods. The system provides computer-selected vehicle with direct dispatch information just seconds after the dispatcher enters trip request data. The customer can be given a car number and ETA immediately. Dispatching screen system flags (set under
  supervisor or manager menus) provide for numerous dispatching methods. The system provides the dispatcher with important information about available drivers and vehicles in a given shift, ensuring quicker and more efficient vehicle dispatching. Gives management and dispatchers better control over dispatching and up-to-the minute vehicle status information about operations.