Driver/Vehicle Management

Maintains and updates all relevant  driver information, such as license  number,badge number, vehicle assigned and balance due on up to 12 different items.Gives management better control of drivers  and more efficient cab use. Tracks  drivers by  classification  and  shift. Includes  termination  and  reactivation entry,management  log,  and driver  account  management. The  system  provides printed detailed reports  upon request.  The program  interfaces with  the cab  records,dispatcher, cashier, and payroll programs. The system provides for the entry and updating of  relevant information  on vehicles  and service  schedules, such  as identification number,  license number  and expirations,  insurance carrier, and expiration,  and  vehicle  descriptions.Tracks  equipment  including  meters and radios. Service and repair  schedules and records may  be tracked by mileage  or time. Repair information can  be used to identify  chronic problems and to  rate vehicle performance. This  program interfaces with  the Vehicle Dispatch,  Order Entry, Driver Records, Cashiering,  and Maintenance Management programs.  Tracks parts inventory.