Caller ID and Auto Call Out for Drivers and Dispatchers

PcDispatch offers caller id integration using is the world's leading manufacture of commercial multi-line Caller ID hardware for computer telephony. They now ship to more than 74 countries, and are the sole provider to over 170 software companies. is the standard for serious commercial applications.

Their rock-solid hardware is backed with a 2-year warranty and lifetime free technical support. is the clear choice for our dispatching centers. 

With the caller id feature,  call takers can take calls in virtually  5 seconds for repeat customers.  The phone number brings up the customers profile and shows the list of past rides.

PcDispatch also offers optional one click call out feature where the driver presses the callout request on their MDT and the system calls the customer as well as sending a text message to let them know their taxi is waiting outside for them.