Taxi Dispatching Made Easy

Simple  Anyone can take calls, locate the closest vehicle, and automatically dispatch drivers to your customers. Access all your applications, files, programs, and virtually all the technology you need to run your fleet from any computer. No hardware installation required. No IT department,  no expensive computer management.


Control your costs  with no contracts Pc-Dispatch rents the software to you on a month-to-month basis, giving you more financial freedom. You get 24-7 support, upgrades and maintenance- all for one affordable price. No expensive hardware to purchase.


Tech-savvy  Pc-Dispatch is web-based and uses cellular technology for communication between you and your drivers. Your mission-critical data is accessed on a lightning-fast network with superior security and rock-solid redundant Internet fiber connections.

Convenient Dispatch via Cloud  Your software resides offsite allowing you to access all Pc-Dispatch features through any  internet connection from anywhere.  Now, you have software independence without requiring your own dedicated sever.  It is the latest way to run your office, safeguarding your data in a redundant Network Operations Center located in Orlando, Fl.  Its called Cloud Dispatching.  We call it PCD Cloud.  It's the lastest craze!


Now, you can focus on your business If you’re planning to upgrade your business in the near future—you can schedule a demo now. Give us 30 minutes so we can address your specific needs. Call us at (386) 734-7775


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