Pc-Dispatch Announces Virtualization

Don't want to invest in expensive hardware or hire expensive IT personnel? Try our virtual server that allows you to take and dispatch calls from any Internet connection. All the functionality you have with Pc-Dispatch can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

A Pc-Dispatch customer had a tree fall on his data center leaving the business without electricity for two days. Nothing was planned for this complete disaster. Imagine if they had only been down for a few hours instead.

With our virtual system, the call takers would have been able to simply grab their monitors, keyboards, and thin clients (the size of a router), and go home to their Internet connection. After logging into their VM server at our co-lo, running a quick 10-minute recovery process, and routing their VOIP phones to the different dispatchers and call takers, they would have been back in business within hours.

The VMware server allows call takers, dispatchers, and managers to use Pc-Dispatch remotely using any computer with an Internet connection. Or you can use a thin client box that is priced as low as $200 for a workstation.

The VMware Server is an application on top of a host Windows™ or Linux™ operating system. A thin virtualization layer partitions the physical server so you can run multiple virtual machines simultaneously on a single server. Computing resources of the physical server are treated as a uniform pool of resources that can be allocated to virtual machines in a controlled manner.

The VMware Server isolates each virtual machine from its host and other virtual machines leaving it unaffected if another virtual machine crashes. Your data does not leak across virtual machines, and your applications only communicate over configured network connections.

VMware Server encapsulates a virtual machine environment as a set of files, which are easy to back-up, move, and copy. The servers are up every day of the year with absolute redundancy.

The cost is only a monthly fee of $275 to $350 for the server and $25 more for each workstation. Installation runs from $500 to $1,500 for either Cablite or Cab Enterprise.

From the time you sign the contract, submit your credit card payment, and have your installation/training interview, you can be up in less than
a week.

Everyone is doing it. Why invest in hardware, servers, operating systems, and bad-tempered IT guys? Let us take care of all your worries.

Contact us at (386) 734-7775 for more information on our virtual taxi dispatch software, with GPS and vehicle tracking.