Instantly locate your vehicles with PcDispatch


Finally: GPS becomes simple and affordable


PcDispatch's Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL) gives your dispatcher the advantage of knowing exactly where your drivers are with a customizable ping time in seconds increment. The interface uses Microsoft's Mappoint to provide you with street level and overall fleet level zooms. Want to know exactly where a driver is? Just right click and choose last known location. The system will zoom right into the location. You want to know what drivers are near a trip? Highlight the trip and it will zoom and you can scroll in and out to see what vehicles are around the job. Color coded dots tell you the exact status of the vehicle, blue is available, red is loaded etc. Using phones or tablets with a low cost data plan, you will be able to instantly locate your vehicles, their speed, the status of their battery, signal and gps satelites.


Automatic vehicle location using gps

Automatic Vehicle Location - GPS




Pc-Dispatch AVL Software Features

  • ping time is configured by you
  • Color coded vehicle status
  • Zoom to vehicle or trip
  • Sort by vehicle, zone, time, speed
  • Job status at a glance
  • Trace Vehicle History 
  • MDT signal, battery, gps status at a glance