Taxi Dispatch Software 

Receive instant trip information from callers, track vehicle maintenance, and swipe credit cards with the sophisticated computer-aided dispatch software from Pc-Dispatch.  Every feature of our system is designed to simplify and speed up your response time to paying customers.

Computer-Aided Dispatch
Simplify the process of gathering customer pickup information and figuring rates with our fully automated trip reservation intake system. A customer's telephone number, account number, and location are registered at the time of call. Instantaneous fare information and time of arrival estimates are then provided by rate class that may be meter-based, zoned-based, or flat-rate based.

Tablet with Dispatch Program, Computer Aided Dispatch in Deland, FL

Driver/Vehicle Record System
Maintain updated records of all driver and vehicle information. Easily track vehicle performance and chronic problems through the service and repair schedule, parts inventory, and equipment log. Also keep an organized file of the driver's license and badge numbers and expirations, vehicle number, insurance carrier, and balances due.

Automated Dispatching
Integrate your dispatching, data management, and communications programs with your mobile data terminal (MDT) through automated dispatching. MDTs allow the base station computer to digitally handle posting requests, trip dispatch and acceptance, tracking of all trips until completion, and credit card approvals.

Remote Reservation
Allow your large-volume customers, such as clubs and hotels, to place trip reservations on behalf of their patrons through an off-site PC computer interface system. These businesses can reserve, confirm, and update trip requests over a standard telephone modem or Internet connection with a static IP.

Additional Features:

Auto Telephone Reservations
• Alphanumeric Paging
• Automated Faxing
• Geo-Coded Mapping System
• Map Display System
• Credit Card Interface
• Card Swipes
• Caller ID
• Vehicle Records
  •  Shared Ride Paratransit
  • Driver Management records

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Break Screen on Tablet, Computer Aided Dispatch in Deland, FL
Credit Card Processing on Tablet, Computer Aided Dispatch in Deland, FL